1. By purchasing Pro-Shock and Pro-Shield together you can claim the pro care display replacement warranty.
  2. As soon as your order arrives, put both the foil and the case on your phone.
  3. Register your phone in the pro care package, then your warranty will be valid and we will replace the display of your phone for 1 year.
  4. If the screen is broken, please do not remove the foil from the phone, as this may void the warranty!
  5. Email us at info@mobilfox.hu with photos of the broken phone, so that you can see the pro shield foil on the display and we will check your warranty.
  6. If everything is ok we will send a courier to pick up the phone and deliver the repaired phone with the new original apple display within 3-5 days. If the display is broken or cracked before the pro shield is installed, the warranty will not be valid.
  7. For more details and conditions of the pro care package, please see the tac.

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